We are a company, developer of new technologies, built on a culture of innovation, vision and value creation.

With the goal of revolutionizing the experience of people with Blockchain technology, bringing them closer to the many solutions that emerge from this tool.

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We support and develop solutions to meet challenges. We build partnerships and invest in innovation to help them keep up with the opportunities for improvement in the corporate and social scenarios of the world.We can not promise specific results or results without risk. What we can and will promise is the integrity and honesty of our business and prospects always focusing on excellence and value creation.

We believe that culture drives performance, innovation and development focused on excellence and expansion.


Develop products and services that add value to society in a sustainable way with social and environmental responsibility. With the objective of positively influencing the corporate environment through our technologies, making it more effective and flexible according to the requirements of each market.


To become a reference in the development of new technologies, Offering solutions to diverse niches of the market worldwide.



Royal Kingdom Enterprise has a philosophy of proximity to its clients and other stakeholders, making sure they know who they are talking to, offering a personalized service that generates trust and respect for people.


A sum of expertise, a specialized team and a structure that brings total security in relation to the technical, professional and structural quality offered by the organization to its clients.

High Performance

Ability to solve customer needs in an agile, efficient, ethical and safe way, finding the best cost-benefit for each case.


Abu Sulayman Saleh

Abu Sulayman Saleh

Chief Executive Officer - Co-Founder
Serge Uvarov

Serge Uvarov

Chief Technology Officer - Co-Founder
Carlos De Bernardis

Carlos De Bernardis

VP Engineering
Suelen Sourient

Suelen Sourient

Chief Public Relations Officer
Adriana Costa

Adriana Costa

Chief Financial Officer
Igor Tarasov

Igor Tarasov

Senior Software Engineer
Adrian Luiz

Adrian Luiz

Head of Customer Care
Adriano Genehr

Adriano Genehr

Web Designer


Our team is enthusiastic about the potential of the digital monetary revolution and the changes it can bring to the financial world as a whole. We are always looking for people who share our vision and enthusiasm.

Our focus is through technology to offer new experiences and products that improve people’s lives, whether individuals or companies.

If you would like to work with an entrepreneurial team that uses the technology to develop the digital currency market, let us know by sending us an email.



We are driven by entrepreneurship, challenge and innovation. That is why we have and support companies with the expertise to create effective connections with the objective of facing and conquering great challenges.


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