RKC Mid-September Update

Royal Kingdom Coin

Dear RKC token holders,

It’s been just one month since the ICO has ended, but it feels like years to us with the amount of events happened. We have been very busy developing a long-term strategy, teaming up with the best professionals available and working with them on several projects.


This is what has already been done publicly in less than a month from the ICO end date:

And finally, we just got listed on HitBtc, currently one of the top exchanges by volume on CoinMarketCap!



And this is only what was going on in public. Several of our long-term projects are in motion, and we will have more announcements eachmonth. We are right on track to make RKC profitable by the end of January 2018, when we distribute the first premiums!

Also, we monitor all news and we are well aware of our competitors having good time of spinning positive news as negative (like the absolutely positive fact that we continuously stay in the whitelabel business) and even spreading direct lies, like the completely untrue allegations of “RKE team abandoning VentureKingdom”. Instead of spending time and resources being at war with them, we forgive them and concentrate on our goals, because that’s how we prove them false and win at the end of the day.

Finally, and most of all, we thank you, our contributors and token holders, for your support and for being a small but strong community. In this period of uncertainty, you have to go through a lot of doubt and self-doubt and fight trolls left and right without being 100% certain yourself how this will pan out. This is very hard and requires great patience, and we acknowledge that and just want to say we deeply appreciate everything you’ve done for the project so far.


On to the next achievement,


Royal Kingdom Enterprise Team